Stream solution made for virtual reality

The most impressive VR Streaming Solution that drives
engagement and revenue

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The best stream quality in the market

We have the most impressive VR streaming quality. This
makes your content more immersive than your competitors


Data saving

SuperStream™ saves data delivered by up to 80%.
Lower bandwidth means lower costs.

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Any device on any network

Our technology enables 6k on any device on any network.
More people will have access to your contents.

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Improved audience experience

Reduced data puts less burden on the headset; no more battery
problem and heated smartphone. Your audience will love it!

Watch our demo

Do you want to see what 6K VR looks like on your mobile? Try our
demo on any Android device. IOS is coming soon as well!

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3 Steps

Easy implementation

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Upload your content

Using our SuperStream™ control panel, upload your 4k contents. You can also check the usage and analytics.

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Install easy SDK

We provide easy-to-install SDK; friendly manual is included.

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Publish to your fans

Publish your app and now your audience can enjoy the most immersive VR stream; SuperStream™.


  • We promise to increase average view duration because your audience will be more immersed into the story. Poor streaming quality is one of the main reasons why many audience drop off after few seconds of VR watching.
  • We promise to Increase the number of views. Increased in streaming quality makes your contents more attractive.
  • Save on the streaming cost because we help you saving 80% of the data transfer.

“I shouldn’t be worrying about the quality of VR streaming
as a film director. I expect the best and SuperStream
gives me just that.”